Where should we report problems with the Introduction to Robotics course material?

I started with the Canvas course, but quickly determined that it was not up to date.

Instead, I switched to the course here: https://introtoroboticsv2.readthedocs.io/en/latest/course/course_info/index.html

I understand that the material is still at a beta release level.

In going through that course material so far (up through the ‘The Encoders’ section under the ‘Robot Driving’ heading), I have encountered problems with the text ranging from minor spelling or grammar glitches, to more substantial problems with the formatting of the text and example programs to the point where at least one example is unusable - and maybe the text has even lost some paragraphs along the way, because there seems to have been an unexplained leap to example code for which no foundation was presented. There are sections that are not clearly explained, and so forth.

Is there somewhere (such as here?) where those items should be reported, or is there pehaps a major revision currently underway such that those comments would be unnecessary?

In the sidebar it says to report issues to:


However that leads to a 404 ‘not found’ page - and even if I try to untangle that busted link I haven’t found where it is intending to link to.

After further attempts to untangle the link I see that it goes to here:


Which seems to be the place for both the Canvas course and this version of the course.

Is that in fact the proper place?

I see one issue that I was going to report was already reported a couple of months ago.