Hosting Curriculum Outside of Canvas

I purchases 11 units of the XRP for my middle school (8th grade) robotics course and honestly it has been amazing so far. The goal is to train students on these units for our FTC team starting in their grade all the way to high school. Mechanically I am dealing with the same qualms about the usb connects but academically I have another problem.

Our school has an issue with us using any LMS other than the one we use so giving students access to the canvas. There is no easy way to port the canvas curriculum over so does anyone have any ideas on how to transfer this to another LMS? Even just PDFs will do.

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@ pp-belen

Welcome to the XRP Forum. I’m excited to hear how you are using the XRPs. Having that long-term view will serve you and your students well. Please share more of your experiences with this forum.
I also sympathize with your situation regarding access to learning resources imposed by security conscious administrators.

The XRP project hosts an alternative resource for much of the information that is included in the Canvas Course.
and a GitHub repository feeds the resource:


Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for! I can fork the repo and make edits as needed for the students on my branch.

I will start looking through this version and seeing what I need to do.

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I’m glad it is helpful for you and your students.

If you are making improvements to the curriculum or fixing problems, feel free to post PRs on GitHub if you think the changes would benefit other users.


I will pull the curriculum and start marking up changes for my students. I think it will be a good way of hosting the class in general. I can say, there are a few sections where the code is not updated to the latest version of definitions in python and has been causing some issues for the students.

Please pass along those areas where you mentioned where the python code is out of date. We’ll fix and republish those to make your life and others easier.


Most definitely will! One big one I see is some of the code still is using time.sleep() as a command and when we try to run that the XRP does not start up.

time.sleep(seconds) should work with either Blockly or Python. What happens when you use it?


When we use it the code doesnt even run for us. If instead we just put sleep() with the appropriate library the code will run.