How do I use the canvas class with my students?

I started taking the canvas class at, but I don’t see how to create a teacher account and have my students signup for the course in a way that I can see the progress they’re making.

I use a different LMS, but I have no issue using or I’m just not familiar with out to take the existing XRP class and set it up so I can let students self guide a bit.

Thanks, Eric

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Same question. I’m teaching a summer high school robotics camp using the XRP
and I’d like to use the Canvas class with my students.

  • Wayne
    Boulder, CO

Currently the Canvas is not setup to have a class setup with student logons.
You can use the read-the-docs version, which the Canvas app actually imports, so the contents are the same. Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP) — XRP 2023.0 documentation