XRP robot at MiniFRC 9.5 :O

XRP Robot at MiniFRC 9.5 YouTube video

FRC 4561 hold’s an event a few times a year called MiniFRC, students build 3d printed robots play smaller versions of FRC games! It’s always fun and exciting, and a good way for students to improve their skills.

We held an event on December 16th and I competed with an XRP kit. Just wanted to show the kind of stuff you can do with these little robots! Check out my posts on PestoLink to learn about how I drove the robot with just my phone.


Thanks for sharing this! It’s great to see that teams are prototyping and testing the XRP robots under conditions that simulate bigger events. I found the resources on MiniFRCs to be helpful. Keep us posted on other XRP activities.

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I made a V2 of this front loader robot, it is much easier to assemble.

I just published the files for it on printables

The design is also free on OnShape.

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There is now a tutorial for this robot live on the XRP website!

I made a dump truck robot too!

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