XRP plans for upper elementary students (ages 8-10)?

I serve as a scientist-in-residence in two extracurricular programs at my local elementary school.
The XRP consortium explicitly bridges to First Robotics:

I know that First Lego League offers programs for Pre-K through grade 8:

How do members of the consortium plan to integrate the XRP into these programs?

Sounds like an awesome job to have!

At this time the XRP curriculum that is being created is targeted at the High School and Middle School ages. The first bridges that we will be creating are around the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) program and the next will be around the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) program.

The LEGO Spike and Spike Prime continue to be the best robots to be using as the bridge to the Elementary school FIRST LEGO league programs.

Thank you. Yes, they are great gigs.

Our robotics program is well equipped with Spikes so we will follow your suggestion. I also hope to get some of our alums to explore the XRP so that kids can see the trajectories of opportunities.

Bridges to FRC and FT: Where should we watch to see development of these bridges?

We will let people know on these forums, but the FRC and FTC blogs are where things will be announced.