Looking for project ideas for teaching

Our FRC team has a lot of kids interested in robot software this year but most of them have very little experience in programming so I’m looking for some fun projects we can do using the XRP to get them started.

We came up with a couple of ideas but I’m sure there are plenty of others out there. It might be nice to get a list going somewhere since plenty of other folks are probably in the same boat that we are. I’d love some creative ideas for teaching PID.

Here’s a couple of simple to get started:

  • Escape from the box: set up some 2x4’s (or other barrier) on the floor with only one possible exit. Write code to escape from the “box”.
  • Draw a picture: insert a dry erase marker in the hole in the center and draw a shape. A square would be a good one to start with but obviously anything goes here.
  • Line following: start with simply following a line. Perhaps create a contest to see who can go from the beginning to the end faster.

I’d love some creative ideas for teaching PID.

How about a balance bot? :wink:

I did this by putting some holes inline with the motor shafts so I could attach some big wheels. Then use the IMU and encoders to keep the robot balanced and stay in the same spot. A stretch goal can be to make it remote controlled as well!

I assume that you are using the holes through the frame that you added to this design as a bearing surfaces for the extended axles. If so, then the holes need to be carefully aligned with the location of the motor output shafts. How are you locating those holes in the new design?

Nope, not using the frame as a bearing surface, the motor axles take the entire load. I know this isn’t necessarily best practice, but the robot really isn’t that heavy, so I’m not personally too concerned about it (I’ve not observed any negative effects). So no careful measuring needed either, the old eyeball-micrometer works fine if you make the hole big enough :wink:

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If you want to print a 3D frame, in the printables for the project go to the files and there is an alpha “holey” frame that has the holes built into it.

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Thank you. I had seen the ‘holey’ frame but somehow missed that it included the holes for extended axles.
Are the holes in the channels of the ‘holey’ frame sized to be self-tapping for M3 screws?

I think it is set for an M5. Also works nicely for a zip tie.

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I game piece that is cheap and vinyl floor tile friendly is disposable cups.

We use them in the game we play at the end of our course in the current robotics curriculum.
I will likely keep the game as we switch over to the XRP platform.

Here is the game we play with the robots in class.

We used to build the robots from scratch with arduinos, laser cut chassis, 3D printed parts and such, but are switching over to XRP robots for this competition.

I just modified it for xrp robots, so there could be some mistakes

Looks like a fun game. The only quick thing I saw is that the maximum power for an XRP is 11v

The rules don’t limit you to only powering with the XRP’s onboard batteries. So for instance if you wanted to run a 12v fan to blow game pieces around, what would be legal but the circuit would only be able to run a maximum of 18v. We used to do the competition powered by rechargeable “9v” batteries so “18v” was two of those. I still have a ton of those batteries so I figured I’d leave that in.